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South Jordan,Ut,USA

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Jan 11, 2009



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5 K Finish

Running Accomplishments:

I've been running for the past 25 years.  I ran my first marathon at age 50 and have run 3 since then.  I run 5K's, 10K's and half-marathons.   I ran the Ogden Marathon in 2006 and finished in 4:35.  I won Thrid Place in my age group.

Three of my daughters and I ran the Ogden Half Marathon.  They did great and I was glad to just finish.  I ran the Riverton 1/2 marathon the end of March and pulled my hamstring and then got bursitis so I wasn't able to train as much as I wanted to.

I have slowed down a lot the past 10 years so my goal now is to keep running slow and steady until I die.  I also ride bikes and am as fast as my daughters.

We have now switched from Marathons to 1/2 marathons and Triathlons.  Last year Leslie and I did the Desert Sharks Triathlon and Daybreak.  I won first in my age group in both because there are not many people in my age group.

2010  Riverton Half Marathon 3rd in age group

Daybreak Triahtlon 2010 1st in age group

South Jordan Half Marathon 2010 1st in my age group

Riverton 10K 2010 1st in my age group

Vikingman Triathlon September 10 2010  Won 1st in my age because I was the only one in my age group

March 2011 Riverton 1/2 Marathon 1st in my age group and there were actually 6 people in my age group.



Short-Term Running Goals:

My daughters and I are starting to train for Triathlons, but would still like to run 2 half-marathons and 5K's and 10K's 


Riverton 1/2 Marathon  3rd in age

Daybreak Triathlon 1st in age

Riverton 10K

Hobblecreek 1/2 Marathon

Vikingman Triathlon

MS 100 Mile Bike ride finished in 7 hours


Terrain Run with son and daughter.  It was fun but very muddy

August 25 Triathamom with my daugter Christine




Long-Term Running Goals:

Keep running, biking, swimming and stay fit until I'm 100 years old


I'm married, have 8 kids (7 daughters and one son) and 28 grandkids. I have a great supportive husband.  The grandsons and grand daughters are now tied at 14.  I have 2 grand daughters married and one going on a mission to Australia.

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Total Distance

The good news is, Leslie got a GPS watch so now we can see how far and fast we are running. The bad news is, on Sunday we walked our course that we thought was 3 miles and it was only 2.68. The good news is, today we ran our Day Break 6 miles course and it was just over 6 miles. The bad news is, we only ran 11 minute miles. The good news is, I didn't care how slow I went I was just glad I could run. My daughter Christine who has been the fastest runner of all my daughters for the past 5 or 6 years hasn't been able to run for about 6 months. She has something wrong with her leg/back and the Dr.'s can't figure out what is wrong. She has been to lots of different doctors and they all tell her something different. She can run 100 yards and she can walk a mile very slowly, but the next day her leg is very, very tired. I'm grateful that I can still run even if I am slow.

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I was a couple minutes late and the BBK's had already taken off from Bingham.  I ran down 2200 to 98th South and started back to Bingham.  When I got to the back parking lot Greg and another guy who's name I can't remember at the moment were running my direction looking for the group.  We ran down towards the track and I went towards the subdivision that I had seen a couple of runners go down.  When I didn't find any runners I went to the track.  There were about 10 of the BBK's at the track.  I ran around the track 4 times and decided I would rather run on the road so I went back out to 2200 an down to 98th and back.  By then I was very tired and decided to call it a day.  After breakfast I did my leg weight/stomach exercises along with 70 mens pushups.  Boy the pushups were hard today.  Tonight Leslie and I will swim at Blackridge Reservoir.

Total Distance

I included my biking and running together.  I went to Leslie's this morning and we rode our r14 mile course from her house down to 98th and then east to redwood, south to 126th west to 3600, west to 40th and then north past the temple and back to Leslie's.  Then we took a potty break, refilled our ice water and ran our almost 3 mile run.  Leslie added a little on to her run to make it 3 but I was feeling very tired because I had allergies last night and didn't sleep well.  Then I came home, cleaned up and headed up to Ogden to help my daughter and son-in-law who are moving.  They had 2 young kids (2yrs. and 2mo)and it is very hard to move everything and take care of kids the same time.  I brought my 12 year old granddaughter with me to help.  We had a fun time taking care of the kids while they moved things.  Now I need to make dinner and then Leslie wants to swim, but I'm very tired and might talk her out of it.

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I did my arm weight exercises, then I cleaned up and went visiting teaching.  Then I went to the free car wash on 106th.  There were a lot of cars there but it only took me 10 minutes plus another 10 minutes to vacuum the car out.  Now I am going to do my indexing before my daughter brings my grandson over for me to tend.

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Leslie and I biked 45 miles and then ran/walked for 5 miles.  We did our usual Goldilocks trail down 40th to 3600 and south to 144th and then past camp williams and then back along the frontage road.  We came back through Bluffdale and then up 118th to highway 111 and then north to 7800 and then back to 40th and then back to Leslie's.   We took a potty break and refilled our ice water and started on our run.  We did our Day Break 6 mile run.  It was very hot and muggy.  Half way up the hill on 106th I had to walk.  We ran again when we got to Oquirrih Lake Drive.  Part way around the Lake I had to walk again.  I was feeling very tired and hot.  We ran again for a while and then I had to walk again.  By the time we got around to the other side of the Lake I was feeling so tired I could barely walk.  We decided to shorten our run and cut through the temple parking lot.  We walked back to Leslie's and I sat down and drank ice water and gator aid.  I have never felt so dead.  I could barely move.  I came home took a bath and a short rest and then my husband and I headed up to Ogden to help our daughter move.  After we were finished helping her move we came home and went to Red Robyn with Ben, Becca, Leslie, Ralphy and her kids.  The food was good but I got very full.  I am really feeling tired now and will probably go to bed soon.

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